We specialize in Material Handling with an emphasis on plastic returnables in manufacturing and distribution. We bring more than 30 years experience.

plastic storage containerAdvanced Handling Systems opened on November 30th,1983. Later this year we will begin our 30th year in business. The company formed as a Master distributor for casters and wheels. plastic containers and design, sales and installation of a complete line of Material Handling Products. We have have had an impact in the pharmaceutical industry with stainless steel and autoclave approved eqiupment.

We have supplied the food industry plastic totes for non-foods distribution and home shopping programs….We have worked closely with WIP personnel in the cosmetic and health and beauty aid fields with customers such as L’Oreal, Revlon, Shiseido and many others.Our staff of design and engineering, customer service, sales, and installation is able to react immediately to needs in the New Jersey area.

Brands carried or sold: