Safe, Secure Bulk Containers for Liquid Handling and Storage

intermediate bulk containers
Intermediate bulk container (IBC) for liquid handling.

Advanced Handling Systems’ Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) offer safe, secure liquid handling.  Molded of FDA-approved materials, the containers are collapsible and stackable, providing optimal space utilization.  Achieve secure stacking up to five high with 3,000 lbs. of product.  Advanced Handling System’s IBCs are also easy to fill, discharge and transport providing substantially lower packaging costs. If you are in the food industry, a bakery, a cosmetics company, or in the pharmaceutical industry, we can provide the right solution for all of your liquid handing containment needs.

Advanced Handling Systems has specialized in the design, manufacturing, and sale of Intermediate Bulk Containers since 1983. We serve all of the state of NJ and the greater NY metro area. In addition to the design and manufacturing of IBCs, we are also an authorized dealer for liquid handling Containers manufactured by Buckhorn Inc., as well as for other outstanding companies such as Orbis Corp., Akro-Mils, and MonoFlo.

If you a pharmaceutical or cosmetics company, a bakery, or other food or specialty industry, call Advanced Handling Systems at (908) 241–4015 for a no-obligation consultation and estimate or fill out and submit our online Request for Quote form. We have the knowledge and experience to meet all your liquid handling, storage and containment requirements.